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Car? Tramway? By foot?

You can access the island in the Bois de la Cambre in different ways.

All of them require you to cross the lake, so you have to go to the pier to get to the other side. The ferry costs 1 euro per person (round trip).

Plan du Chalet Robinson - contact & accès



Diane avenue - Flore avenue - Victoria avenue

There are several parking areas
near the Bois de la Cambre.

By tram
Lines 8 | Lines 25 - Brésil stop

Get off at the Brésil stop.
Then walk through the park for 10 minutes, to Chalet Robinson.

By bus
Line 41 (STIB) - Gendarmes stop
Lines 365A et W (TEC) - Defrélaan stop
Lines 136 et 137 (DE LIJN) - Defrélaan stop
On foot, by bicycle or electric scooter

you will have no problems with traffic jams or parking!

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